May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Help us support Nationwide Children's Hospital On Our Sleeves!

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Help us support Nationwide Children's Hospital On Our Sleeves!

We are very proud to collaborate with Nationwide Children’s Hospital to introduce a limited edition line of cloth face coverings!

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and $1 of every On Our Sleeves® and Nationwide Children’s Butterfly design masks sold (available in both adult and youth sizes) will benefit On Our Sleeves, the movement to transform children’s mental health.



The Mission of the On Our Sleeves Movement is to provide every community in America with free resources necessary for breaking child mental health stigmas and educating families and advocates. Throughout the month of May, On Our Sleeves is offering free, evidence-based resources specially designed to help kids cope and build resilience as we continue to live through the COVID-19 pandemic.


Now more than ever, our children’s mental health MATTERS

- 1 in 5 children is living with a significant mental illness
- All lifetime mental illnesses start by age 14
- Right now, EVERY child is impacted in unprecedented ways


On Our Sleeves Invites You to Help us in “Growing Our Gratitude”

Research shows – people who think about the good things in their lives are healthier – and happier! They feel more energized, sleep better, have stronger social connections, and feel better about themselves. They have fewer physical problems, symptoms and a stronger immune system.

Gratitude helps us grow mentally and as a person. A grateful mindset puts us on the right path to a healthy mindset!

The Nationwide Children's Masks x Bend are available in Adult & Kids Sizes. They are currently on presale & are expecting to ship the week of June 1st. You can find check them out here!

Note, these are NOT N95 masks nor are they meant for medical purposes. However, they are made (with love) with a non-stretch poly/cotton fabric. So stay healthy and safe and remember to always be flexible, strong and resilient (in body & mind). #benddontbreak 


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