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Started in 2014, Bend is an "inspired" fitfashion apparel brand focused on providing the highest quality products along with style.  Bend creates fun, unique women's apparel & accessories for fitness & running, collegiate wear or just everyday wear.  Bend was started in the home of the owners Laura & Adam Heller from Marysville, Ohio (previously Dublin, OH). What started as just a side gig, has turned into so much more.  

Now,  based out of a warehouse in Marysville, OH, Bend fulfills not only its own online orders, but you can find Bend apparel in retailers such as Lids, Buckeye Corner, Fanatics, Kroger Marketplaces, College Traditions and many more!  

The Mantra Bend, Don’t Break.
It is important for our customers to know the bend mantra, because when you wear our product you will not only be representing the brand, but also sharing this message. We chose the name bend because it ties in all aspects of our brand. First, bend is an action word (verb) that conveys the performance aspect of the brand. We bend our bodies in order be healthy and fit. Second, bend is inspired by the bamboo plant, which has qualities (flexible, strong, and resilient) that make it an ideal for our fabric. We also strive to incorporate these same qualities into our daily lives.

BE FLEXIBLE – Adapt to any circumstance.
BE STRONG – Have the power and confidence to succeed.
BE RESILIENT – Posses the ability to recover even under the most stressful conditions

It is important for us to share what bend is about as we work hard to bring you great products, great customer service and a meaningful brand.  We will strive to make our products affordable, while maintaining the highest quality design, comfort, and function.  

Whether you are working out or just running errands - you will be comfortable and stylish in our product and most of all feel good!  From yoga pants to collegiate wear, we strive to create something unique cute and functional! Shop our basics,  women's Ohio State University Collection or even find some crazy turkey leggings to gear up for your favorite turkey trot on Thanksgiving!
We have so much fun bringing you cute, fun styles each year! 

We also strive to give back as a business through several collections along with community events.  We are proud to be a small business that is able to give back to the world in some way.  We've collaborated with many charities to be able to give back in a big way through our clothing sales. Charities like Komen, The Urban & Shelley Meyer Fund for Cancer Research, The Spielman Fund, The Nationwide On Our Sleeves Movement and others.  We started a business and are lucky to have a vessel to be able to give back through our success.
We are a small business, with a small team, but have been able to do amazing things through Bend!  We don't consider ourselves like any other retailer. We do things our own unique way and just find ways to have fun doing it!


Currently you can purchase our apparel and accessories on our website at .  Occasionally, we open up our warehouse for pop up shops! If you aren't on our mailing list or following us on social media - get on it! This is where we publish all information for pop up shops, new arrivals, sales, giveaways and much more!