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Bend + YOU: Amplifying Our Brands Together


About Bend

Bend is a FitFashion apparel brand empowering women to be flexible, strong, and resilient in body and mind.  We create high quality, functional, and stylish women's apparel for real women who “bend, don’t break” every day.  Founded in 2014, Bend has grown to become a trusted partner in the collegiate licensing space, while continuing to grow its core brand-inspired collections and investing in the community.


Affiliate Marketing: Our Approach to Win-Win Partnerships

Bend is excited to grow its brand with affiliate marketing partners who can earn benefits when they tap into the power of their name, image, likeness, influence, and network to help expand reach, build brand awareness, and increase sales.  Bend offers various levels of engagement with affiliate marketing partners to ensure that every partnership is a win-win for both parties.


Become a Brand Liaison

Brand Liaisons enjoy a flexible engagement and commitment level. Drive traffic to Bend’s website and receive proceeds from every sale that is attributed to you. Once you apply and are approved via our online portal, you can start promoting and start earning at your own pace!

  • 10% royalty from sales attributed to Brand Liaison


    Our Process: How It Works

    Bend utilizes a third party platform to manage and track our affiliate partners, links, and attributed sales. Apply at the link below to start your Brand Liaison journey today!

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